Well, what a first year that turned out to be!

Thanks to the METROPOLIS STUDIOS in Chiswick we have discovered a plethora of new talent, one of the most memorable of which was CONCRETE CAVERNS. Despite the crumpingly dull name, this is an excellent band whose material contains enough chugging guitar riffs and thundering bass lines to satisfy the most ardent rock fan and with sufficient added ‘newness’ giving their music a contemporary edge.

Saint Agnes

Saint Agnes

Time Out Magazine’s series of Rising Stars gigs have provided some real treats for us, the most notable of which were the hard driving psychedelic rock of SAINT AGNES, the powerhouse soul/blues vocals which emanate from the excellent JACKAMAN and the uber-talented singer/songwriter MOLLIE MARRIOTT (daughter of Small Faces legend Steve Marriott).

Other memorable gigs were provided by the fascinating and grossly underrated SMOKE FAIRIES and a blistering set from Old Stoic luminaries ARTHUR BEATRICE whose album Keeping The Peace defied ‘second album syndrome’ and is even better than their debut which was seriously impressive. It sees Ella Giradot (Lyttelton 10) stepping away from her keyboard and showcasing the phenomenal range and quality of her voice augmented by the addition of a string and brass section – wonderful stuff.

Talking of Old Stoic musicians, I am looking forward to seeing what fortunes 2017 will bring for HUX. This is a new band fronted by George Huxtable (Chatham 15) and Patrick Keating (Bruce 15) who are being mentored by a member of Jamiroquai and who, I believe, are in the recording studio as I write.

Music by its very nature is entirely subjective and whilst I have been making my own suggestions, I shall welcome recommendations for forthcoming gigs from other enthusiasts in order to get a wider and eclectic balance. So, please do not feel shy about making suggestions – after all, a lot of the fun comes from making new discoveries and broadening one’s tastes.

If you are interested in receiving regular notices of forthcoming gigs please email me: nigel@nigelmilne.co.uk and I shall be delighted to add you to the mailing list.

Nigel Milne (Chandos 68)




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